After doing a lot of reflecting and thinking it over after many years I’ve come to the conclusion that within the anarchist/anti-statist milieu there needs to be a redefinition of what “power” is and the 2 types of the “being free” concept.

☆Political power and individual disempowerment☆

Anarchists will always argue for the destruction of power but I believe that many of them(specifically many of the ones that maintain neo-socialist values) make a big mistake by NOT pointing out that particular type of “power” as specifically of the POLITICAL sort. Not understanding this dynamic and kinetic nature of power is NOT really understanding the enemies of liberty, in that it’s very crucial in understanding how political power is applied and from here forth I will make a distinction when speaking about POLITICAL power and PERSONAL, INDIVIDUAL power. The reason I make this distinction is that both types of power are different ones and within the one of the political I also include religious theocracies. It’s very important to know the difference between the 2 types of power because the political type can ONLY exist by constantly eroding and destroying  indivdidual/personal power…in other words, those that have political power have that power by making others[the poor,marginalized and vulnerable] powerLESS and this is exactly what they do in schools and jails…they try and deindividualize you and make you part of an easily manipulated mass. The very foundation of statist political society is based on the necessity that people conform and continue to mimic without thinking.  Unlike what a lot of hippy lefties think, political society needs the selfless and resigned…the obedient and productive. It’s important to understand this relation because the stripping of your individual rights and those that accept that as normal are also important  factors of the more general concept of “massification”, which also forms a part of disempowering people. The main weapon in disempowering individuals is classism because just being poor means you have don’t have the “power” to run your own life and you have no power over your own life or desires. It’s important to know this definition in those 2 different types of power also for the very reason that if as anarchists we are to aspire towards liberty and liberation then it’s important that we be STRONG individuals because anarchy is a method of INDIVIDUALIZATION and liberty and liberation will NEVER be realized by those that are weakwilled and weakminded. Liberty, as Max Stirner mentioned, cannot be conceded….it must be conquered gloriously.  Unlike the socialists and communists, who want and require a society whereby it’s a uniform morality that dominates and individual desire isn’t tolerated, we and anarchists/freethinkers seek the birth of the FREE being by empowering ourselves and being powerful individuals and ONLY by being powerful individuals can we destroy political power and those who perpetuate it (passively or directly).

I must clarify also what I mean as far as “weakminded” and powerful individuals. By “weakminded”, I refer to as much as the proletarian religious moron as I also refer to to the oppressive rich whose psychosis is pathetic. All those people I consider weakminded. By powerful individuals, I do not refer to it it in classist basis but  referring to those who are rebellious freethinkers that have nihilistically rejected the mental poisons of politics and religion and have the egoistic determination to live their desires and not that of others.

☆2 important concepts of “being free”☆

The idea of “being free” is is one related to what I mentioned above, about being a powerful individual and one that people with genuine libertarian values can definitely relate and think about since being free is directly connected with the libertarian love of liberty. In the individual sense, “being free” means being a freethinker and never living life in a static or mentally stagnant manner. The freethinker term, I use in the sense of being open to new ideas and concepts, even ones that may challenge your previously held ideas or ethics, but one of the most important aspects of being a freethinker is liberating your self from all modes of boxed-in thinking such as is typical of people w/political and/or religious values[which are inherently irrational and authoritarian]. “Being free” means FREEING yourself from all the mental chains, spooks and all that shit that makes people be weakminded. Being free also means LIBERATING yourself from all societal obligations and moralities.

The other concept of being free is the more common perspective of realizing and achieving a free society because it is true that we[as individuals] won’t be free in the totalistic sense if you we live in an unfree society, yet at the same time it’s important to understand that the conquering of liberty isn’t a plebian affair that’s meant to include the asinine and liberticidal conformist sheeple masses. Freedom can ONLY be realized by an aristocracy of freethinkers. The actualization of anarchy ALWAYS implies fighting domination and the moralities that perpetuate it, whether or not a free society seems possible or not at the moment(or near future) is irrevelant and in most places, the reality is that none of us might see a free society where we live in our lifetimes so all we can do is fight authority in the HERE & NOW….because the here & now is ALL we have.

Being free also means not living by spooks like “social revolutions” or ideologies. All that shit is just as irrational as most religious tales and as a matter of fact one could liken them as being equally as conformist as are the abstractions that many people of religious values hold dear

“Being free” in the totalistic sense is realistically impossible as long as the masses are plagued by the liberticidal mental poisons of politics and/or religion, because what many leftists don’t realize is that all their dreams of glorious, future revolutions and such won’t come true because people with liberticidal values DONT want liberation…on the contrary, they want to IMPOSE their despicable and oppressive values on others and therefore it’s the social morality of those human trash that keeps the rest of us elevated and decent freethinker types enchained to the collective dictatorship of modern society.
As an individualist, I believe that social morality is a form of collective authoritarianism which is the foundation of all hierarchies and flock mentalities and therefore it’s because of that understanding that I declare myself “amoral”. While I know that this might shock some lefty types, I make it clear to NOT confuse ethics with authoritarian/dogmatic morality. “Having morals” can be related to being ethical but “moralISM” in real life is nothing more than a form of transparent “mob rule”. To be as free as possible from the grasps of social authoritarianism and systemic control, it’s necessary to adopt a certain anonymity and to avoid going through the rituals that society expects you to go through. To be free, it’s necessary to pursue your particular desires and wants and to spit back at the society that rejects your desires. Make your desires a reality that irradiates the egoistic “I” to all the fellow rebels of the world that never surrender!✊


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